EarthMothers Amber - Nontoxic Alternative Flea and Tick Collar - Never again use chemicals on your pets. Your pet will thank you.

Amber is fossilized conifer tree resin which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times. Amber has electrical resistance and electrostatic charge that drives away pests with tiny electroshock that is so minimal animals and humans cannot feel it. Raw* Baltic Amber has highest concentration of succinite acid which has been attributed to giving amber healing properties. Raw* Amber releases aromatic natural essential oils (terpines) that deter pests much the same way as cedar.

Never buy another flea and tick collar. 

It can take 3 weeks or more for this aroma to spread through your pet’s fur but the electrostatic charge begins immediately. The longer your pet wears the collar, the more effective it is.

The collar should fit pet loosely enough to slide finger between collar and neck. Cats should be comfortable wearing a cat collar before fitting with Earth Mothers Amber Collar. Remove Amber Collar when bathing as harsh soaps and chemicals can damage the amber. Do not use Amber Collar as a collar or restraining device. Amber can break. RemoveAmber Collar when pet will be rough-housing with other animals or thrashing through dense vegetation. Check your pet regularly for ticks and see your veterinarian if you suspect your pet has a tick borne disease. No chemical or natural tick repellant is fool-proof.

*Unlike most amber jewelry, Raw Amber has not been polished, sanded or heated.